Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Erin and James - Wedding

Erin and James were married at the St. Louis hotel on October 23, 2010. Right away I could tell they are one of those couples that love to just hang out together and are so comfortable with each other! There was a very obvious sense of Best Friends, and Erin had so much great energy, and that adorable huge smile. This was a destination wedding so for them and I think the whole feeling of New Orleans came through with the amazing courtyard, Kermit Ruffins playing the reception and the beautiful weather, it was a perfect day for them and their guests.  A special thanks to CheyAnne for the great experience, I really enjoyed being a part of the day! Congratulations!
*These images were shot in partnership with Bradfield Photography

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deanna and Jon Married!

From Deanna's black lace wrap and her glamorous, vintage style home made head piece to John's one of a kind boutonniere (which was from his favorite video game I believe - so unique) what a beautiful and fun couple! They were married in the French Quarter at the Musee Conti (Wax Museum) but we started with preparation and some portraits at the Maison Dupuy carriage house where the fun was very contagious... everyone was having a blast. Deanna's smile is just so bright I couldn't keep myself from smiling with her! In keeping with the tradition of the theme, a black carriage came to pick up Deanna and her Father transporting them to the Wax Museum. The reception area was tastefully adorned in bold tones of gold and bronze... the couple danced the night away and exited to a shower of rose petal's into the French Quarter streets. A warm thank you to everyone who made this night so wonderful and congrats to the lovely couple!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Maurin Family Christmas Session

This was such a fun shoot and everyone seemed happy to go with the flow, which usually ends up turning out the best. Going over to City Park was a great idea and Elise was having such a fun time, and posing so good for me! I was so pleased that two of the session photos ended up on their Christmas Card, what a compliment! Next up, one year photos for Elise, I cant wait :-)


Friday, September 3, 2010

Newborn Session Butler and Garrett - Just 10 days and 5 days old!

I was so excited when Erin first called me to ask if I wanted to do the newborn portraits of her third baby boy, Butler! Let me just say I don't know how she does it with 3 boys under 3, but I sure admire her! Then she called to tell me her sister who had just had her first baby (also a boy, Garrett) only 5 days ago would like to come and have me do photos of him as well. Of course I was thrilled with the idea! We set up at their parents house which was convenient for everyone and she did appreciate not having to make a trip out to my studio with all the kids and especially a newborn! I have to say it was very special to photograph two such adorable babies, and the siblings / cousins together. Thanks for the great experience and I hope everyone enjoys the images.