Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Avery Christmas Portraits

We had such a great time with Avery for her Christmas Baby Portraits at Mrs. Michelle's house in Lakeview! The front porch location was so cute with the brick, white rockers and her white dress. Luckily I did catch her standing up for a few minutes to get some candid shots, then we used the back porch and dark furniture to contrast her outfit. The white crochet hat was adorable also with the white couch and sitting on Mom's lap... Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elizabeth Fall Portraits

I am so excited to share these photos since the first session with Elizabeth proved to be a bit challenging. Back when she was just three months old we had planned a session at city park and the poor baby was just not happy! We tried everything but it seemed she just wanted her mommy to hold her. So I worked with it and actually got some really cute photos that day. Having my own experience with that (my little Ashleigh usually runs the other way when she see's my camera) it can be frustrating but it just takes a little patience. With that said I think both sets of photos are darling and now she is just more into being photographed at this age than she was at 3 months! We had such a great time with all the props and then a fun trip to the back yard with the beautiful fall colors, Elizabeth is such a wonderful and sweet baby, LOVE the two "rockin it" fingers in the mouth :)
Thanks to Mom (Carolyn) for helping get everything we needed to ensure the shoot would go smoothly and I can't wait to see some big prints on your wall! Enjoy!