Friday, May 6, 2011

Dylan Finan 4 month Session

Baby Dylan is such a joy to photograph! During his newborn session -which seems like just yesterday- we got some amazing shots one of which was sent out as the birth announcement and also I believe hangs now in his room as a canvas print, it looks so great as a BIG image!!! I can see one of these right next to it on the wall... My poster baby is getting so big, and he's got those chunky baby cheeks I just want to squeeze him... I can't wait till he is sitting up and crawling so we can get some great "action shots" but these candid and laying in the basket shots are fun too! Loving the big baby blues...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grace Greer 1 year session

Well this entry has been on my mind for the last week since shooting with Courtney and Baby Grace and I'm so excited to get it up here. Finally with kids in bed a while ago - it's going on about 12:30am - my quiet time! I guess it's when I blog best, glass of wine and an old favorite movie on in the background...Top Gun, ya Baby! It was on and just could not resist.. classic!

Grace and Courtney could not have been cuter... the weather was so beautiful on location at this Lakeview home and it was a good thing we postponed from our original date a few weeks earlier, so the vision could come to life. I can't believe it's been a year since we did her newborn photo session they grow so fast and I feel very lucky to have witnessed and documented her first steps with no help from mommy!!! We could not believe it was happening while I was shooting, and of course it was fun to have Sandlin there and get some of the cousins together. Such a great experience. Enjoy...