Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Melissa & Frank Engagement- A Picnic in the Park

I love City Park. My kids love to play there, we always take walks there, Bridal portraits are awesome to photograph there and so are Engagement Photos! Melissa and Frank have their own special bench at City Park where they go for picnic's and also where Frank proposed! It's just a perfect spot. Well this day for my lovely couple did not disappoint in the least... we spent a beautiful sunny (COLD) afternoon roaming around the most picturesque locations and they had a nice little picnic, fed the ducks some croissant and had a sweet, romantic time. These two love birds have known each other for 12 years after meeting at a grocery store owned by Frank's grandparents- how sweet. Since they are both so busy with their demanding career's it was nice to see them relaxing and enjoying the park together! I am SO looking forward to their October wedding with what I have heard will be with a big, exciting group of Italian's (Frank's side) and a bit more reserved group of close family & friends (Melissa's side) It's going to be great fun!

Until then here are a few favorite shots. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Lisa & Jerad

Lisa and Jerad's Wedding is fast approaching and we had been trying to schedule these Engagement Photo's for a while. Since Jerad works offshore, typically when the weather is nice he is working which means it's a challenge to schedule anything! Thank goodness Lisa, Jerad and I have just been very flexible and kept plugging away at different dates knowing something had to work out eventually. Well we finally had our afternoon @ the French Quarter / Riverfront area since the reception is at Pat O's and, yes it was raining that day! Of course this makes sense because if it was sunny and nice weather we would probably be missing our very important Guy.... Despite the weather we went to all the fun spots and hung out for a few hours walking, relaxing, laughing & to cure our rainy blues, stopped to grab a Daiquiri :)

Here are a few of my Favorites....