Saturday, June 25, 2011

Katie & Andrew Engagement Session - Covington

I will start this entry by saying it has been a very long day, a struggle to work with my kids pulling on me and about to kill each other most of the day! Luckily we had a little break earlier to play in some puddles outside... nothing like mud to put a smile on your kids face. I am determined to get this up TODAY.

Now- about Katie and Andrew... We had a similar vision for this shoot, something earthy and very "them" which I believe was accomplished. It was such a great time for me with Katie being my cousin-in-law and knowing Andrew now for many years so it was fairly easy to get into a comfortable mode and get them relaxed in front of the camera - or so I thought! I can't believe he didn't tell me until we were done shooting that he really does not like being photographed, I would have never known! OK I do have to say something about the HEAT.  We must be crazy to have been out there so long... my shirt was pretty much soaked through by the time 30 minutes had passed! I'm sure it was also pretty interesting for them to climb through the woods, lay on the grass, sweating and somehow manage great smiles... y'all are amazing. Thanks Aunt Barbara for the shirt and of course the Mimosa's on our little break :-) I'm glad we did go down the street to our second location, love the brick wall and of course the little bridge.

I hope everyone enjoys these images (especially Katie and Andrew of course), they are special to me and seem to capture these two love birds pretty well! Please leave a comment if you wish, it's nice to hear what y'all think. Thank you!