Friday, March 14, 2014

Allison & Tucker Engaged!

Allison and Tucker are currently living in Atlanta and were recently in town for a friends wedding so we had the perfect opportunity to have a fun afternoon out around the French Quarter and City Park where they showed some of their soccer skills! It was very cute how they played but were still very competitive and I got to use the "first ever purchase" as a couple for a fun prop - the soccer ball (how cute)! We got so lucky with the weather and it was a perfect day, just a bit chilly in the morning so it made for a great excuse to cuddle... overall we had such a good time and I got to find out all kinds of cute stories about how they met, their first date in a foreign country and plans for the future. I am so excited for the wedding at the Chicory coming up in December! Hope you all enjoy these images - what a gorgeous couple you make!