Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Baby Bernard - Newborn Home study session

During the time I have been photographing baby's & newborn sessions it has been clear to me that coming to a clients home where all are comfortable works very well. It seems Mother and baby are more relaxed and have a better experience with the whole thing in general, or so new Mommy's keep telling me :)
As a new Mom, there is enough to worry about, adding the stress of getting those precious "new baby" images should not be one of them (including packing up baby and every item that may be needed for a photo session in a strange place, the car ride, the feeding, getting baby ready for pictures... you get the idea) I have been there, I know!

Here are the precious images we captured during baby Bernard's home session ( love the one of Mommy, baby and dog... so Cute! ) He was a dream to photograph and Stacey was very excited to see how it all turned out -